Via Flavia (Jurićev Kal-Arsia River)

January 7, 2024

The Via Flavia was an ancient Roman road that connected Trst/Trieste (ancient Tergeste) to Dalmatia. The road passes through Poreč/Parentium, Pula/Pola, Visače/Nesactium, crossing Arsia River, and continuing to Labin/Albona, Kastav/Castra where it joined Via Annia to Dalmatia. The road was built during the reign of emperor Vespasian (around 78/79 AD).

Via Flavia

A viewpoint to the Raša valley, from where you can see two water sources (Mutvice and Grdak) and the course of the Raša river

a viewpoint to Raša valley

The Road continues on the other side of the Raša valley

other side of valley

The Roman road was the border between Venice and the Austrian Empire

Roman road

On the trail you can find one small water source

water source

surrounded with potential (looks like) old buildings

potencial old buildings

Potential traces of carts

carts traces

the last 10m of the trail is a little bit difficult to pass

Ancient roman road

Paliurus spina-christi


The river Raša was the border between Histria and Liburnia

Arsia river

Brodina – near the water mill there was a crossing over the Raša river

Brodina_water mill
nature art

A viewpoint Gurla from the bottom of the trail


The trail is about 6,5km long, as a part of Via Flavia from Jurićev kal to Arsia river


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