Raspor Castle

November 8, 2023

About 600 meters to the north of the Rašpor village on the Gradina hill, 829 meters high hilltop, is located Raspor’s Captains fortress. The medieval ruins of the main castle buildings (22 x 32m) located on the hilltop were created around the year 1000.


Raspor castle named also Raspor’s Captain’s fortress is on the trail to Gomila, more info: https://blueistragreen.com/raspor-gomila/

Raspor’s fortress was named for the first time in 1264, when the first administrator known as Filippo di Raspo, a vassal of the Counts of Gorizia, was mentioned. In that period Raspor belonged to the Aquileia Patriarch and was governed, in the name of the Patriarch, by administrators from the family of Counts of Gorizia. In 1394 the Venetian Republic received Raspor as a guarantee for the loan of 10000 ducats that Venice gave to Giovanni Mainardo for the dowry of his daughter Anna from Gorizia in relation to the marriage to Ivan Frankopan. The Venetians used to call Raspor the key of the whole Istria “Clavis totius custodiae Histriae”. The highest military and political authority of this zone was The Raspor’s Captain located in the Raspor castle. More info : https://www.smrikve.com/istria/books/smrikve/places/east-istria/raspor/

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