Rabac – Labin

June 12, 2021

Uphill: about 3,5km (including the church of St. Hadrian + 2 additional waterfalls); about +300m of altitude difference.

Downhill: about 2.7km (through Pinetina and a saddle above the 1st waterfall)

The trail is of medium difficulty (ascent of 300m), especially if the path above the waterfall via the saddle/cliffs is chosen.

The trail from Rabac to Labin, from the sea to the old town center, through the sounds of the stream, waterfalls and forest.

The official name of the trail is 804 Sentona`s trail, ex 424, and the old former name is Trim trail. The trail starts at the NK Rabac football field. It passes by the stands until you reach the bridge, where after crossing it, we come across a crossroads, the trail to the left up is the direct ascent to the water source, but we choose the right branch that leads to the waterfall/lake.

slap 1. na stazi Rabac - Labin

The waterfall and lake are located in a beautiful forest atmosphere permeated by the sounds of water, swaying trees and bird songs.

From the waterfall we return to the bridge, where now we choose the left path that gently climbs, we come to the remains of the 1st mill (on the right) and to the water source.

put od slapa do izvora-staza Rabac Labin

After the water source, the trail climbs through steps to a viewpoint that points to the old bridge on the road Rabac-Labin and the bay of Rabac. About 30 meters after the end of that biggest ascent, a small path (unmarked) can be seen on the right, which can be reached above the 2nd larger waterfall and from which the 2nd mill can be seen, there is also a small cave (be careful when descending, at your own risk).

We return to the place where we left the main trail and continue to the crossroads where the left path leads to the church of St. Hadrian (12/13th century). After 200m we reach the church and 10m further from the church is a spectacular viewpoint on the bay of Rabac.

crkvica Sv.Hadriana

We return again on the same path to the crossroads where we continue to the first bridge and ten meters before it on the right is an unmarked path (access at your own risk) that leads to the 3rd mill and the 3rd largest waterfall.

Slap 2 staza Rabac Labin

We return again to the trail, cross the bridge and come to the concreted seat/resting place, near which is a crossroads, we choose the left branch that leads through the marble lakes to the water source/cave Aldo Negri (a hundred meters after turning at a certain place we have to pass a stream – there is no bridge).

After the cave/source, we continue the ascent to the walls of the old town, and then when we come to the old town of Labin we can continue exploring, visiting the museum, viewpoint at the top, bell tower…

On the way back, we descend through the Pinetina forest to the crossroads/roundabout towards Rabac, where we descend on the asphalt road to the entrance of the trail, which leads to the crossroads where we chose to go to the water source/cave. This part of the path to the water source is the same as the ascent, and after the water source we descend to the left towards the mill and below the mill to the lakes/waterfalls.

There, on the rocks, we can climb next to a few small lakes just below the source or immediately continue the path over the first waterfall.

When crossing the waterfall we have the possibility to help ourselves with a saddle and with a few set pins. Be careful when crossing! After that, the trail follows the rock with a little ascent and then descent to the lake, but this time we are on the opposite side, along the stream we return to the football field.

Roberto B.

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