March 4, 2023


The historical heritage of Poreč:

Euphrasian Basilica – registered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997, constructed by Bishop Euphrasius in 6th century, but there were already earlier sacred buildings in existence, dating from the 4th century.

Euphrasian Basilica

The Town Gates and Walls – originate from the age of Antiquity, while the reconstructions and modifications, periodically carried out from the 12th until 16th century, were always done on the existing foundations. The most comprehensive reconstruction dates from the 13th century, when the town was governed by podesta Warnerio de Gillago. During the 15th century, facing with the threat of the Turkish invasion, particular attention was paid to the erection of defense towers, which have been preserved to date.

Pentagonal Tower – built in 1447. under podesta Nicolò Lion on the foundations of an earlier medieval tower built on the remains of an ancient one.

Pentagonal Tower

Round Tower – built in 1475. by town podesta Pietro de Mula near an earlier structure which has not been preserved.

North Defense Tower of Peškera – built in 1473. under podesta Francesco Bondulmier. Gun ports and loopholes are clearly visible on its outside walls.

Gothic Palace – from 1473. features a stone facade built in floral Gothic.

Gothic Palace

Baroque Palace – from 1719. used to belong to the Sinčić family.

Canonica – from 1251. is the oldest Romanesque house in Poreč

Vergottini Palace – is an 18th-century Baroque structure.

Istrian Assembly Hall – built on the foundations of the 5th century St. Thomas like the church and the monastery of St. Francis built in the early 14th century is another multi-layered Poreč monument whose size and purposes have changed through history.

Marafor Square – a central square in ancient times, the forum, with important public and administrative buildings and temples.

Romanesque House – from the mid-13th century.

Zuccato Palace – on Matija Gubac Square used to be called Piazza dei signori in Venetian times

The Great Temple – northwest of Marafor Square. The remains (a part of the wall and foundation) of an ancient temple from the beginning of the 1st century. The Temple of Neptune – in a park, west of the Marafor Square, only fragments of the ancient temple, which was dedicated to the god of the sea, Neptune, are preserved.

The House of Two Saints – a small, simple and rustic 15th century profane Renaissance structure

Church of Our Lady of Angels – a 1770 Baroque structure built on the remains of an earlier Romanesque church.

Church of Our Lady of Angels

More info : https://www.myporec.com/en/discover-porec/heritage

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