Mošćenička Draga – Trebišća – Perun

April 15, 2021

Travel time: 3:42 h

Total time: 5:47 h

Length: 14.85 km

Track weight: light, suitable for children and pets

The Trebišća – Perun trail is a very interesting mythical-historical trail that depicts and describes the myths of the ancient Slavs.

From the direction of Istria (Plomin) towards Rijeka, at the roundabout in Mošćenička Draga, take the third exit (a narrow street between two walls), in the direction of the village of Potoki.

If you are coming from the direction of Rijeka towards Plomin, at the roundabout take the first exit (a narrow street between two walls), in the direction of the village of Potoki.

Continue along the narrow asphalted road uphill until you reach the extension on the right (parking for approx. 6 cars). It is best to leave your car there. The trail (i.e. concrete-asphalt road) starts on the left, uphill. The trail is marked with these blue markings.

blue sign

That narrow, concrete-asphalted road will lead you to the village of Potoki. Before the village, there is a sign to the left for the cave.

path to cave

Considering that we started quite late, we did not go to explore the cave, but continued along the concrete road, uphill.

The village is very beautiful, several decorated houses with beautiful terraced gardens. There is a public tap (faucet), but it was closed. As soon as you reach the village of Potoki, on the left, between two stone houses, there is a sign for Mošćenice.

You can return to Mošćenice, then from Mošćenice to Mošćenićka Draga (approx. 40 min walk). We continued towards the village of Trebišća, on macadam. From the village of Potoki, there are information boards that explain Old Slavic myths and beliefs, especially related to the god Perun. We reach the portal and continue to the abandoned village of Trebišća.


If you decide not to go to the top of Perun, in Trebišća you can choose between two trails. The path over the bridge to the right will take you back to Mošćenička Draga, and the path to the left will take you back to Mošćenice.

We decided to go to the peak of Perun, so we continue along the hiking trail uphill to the spring of Petehova Peć.


Then we continued to the abandoned village of Potrebišća, where in the past people lived during summer grazing. Further, across the meadow with a beautiful view of Učka…


…we reach the intersection, we continue up the hill towards the top of Perun. In several places we come across stone tablets with carved verses, …


…then to the totem pole, and to the very top. The top of Perun is overgrown with pine forest on the south and west sides. Peak Suhi vrh can be seen from the top. There is also a table with benches.


We rest and have brunch. We decided to take the same way back.

Vedran N.

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